September Birth Flower

September marks the end of summer. Labor Day takes place the first Monday of the month and then the kids head back to school. The 21st of September also marks the first day of fall. It’s often sad to say good bye to the summer, but autumn can be a very beautiful time of year. The zodiac sign for the month of September is Virgo. People with the zodiac sign Virgo are said to be well organized, humble, attentive, independent, and perceptive. September has the birthstone sapphire. Most people have a good understanding of their zodiac sign and their birthstone, but birth flowers seem to go unnoticed. September has two birth flowers the Aster and the Morning Glory.

Origin Of The Birth Flower

Birth flowers originate from Roman. Birthday parties can also be dated back to about this period in time. Giant celebrations would be held for a person’s birthday. The guest would bring extravagant gifts consisting of flowers and jewelry. Many pieces of the jewelry would be made of the birthstone and the flower arrangements would be made of the birth flowers.

Aster September’s Birth Flower


Aster is one of September’s birth month flower. All flowers are said to have their very own meanings. An Aster stands for love, faith, and intelligence. Culture is constantly changing and during the Victorian era emotion was not a thing a person was supposed to express to another person. From this the tradition of giving flowers to express certain feelings formed. To give a person an Aster is to say, “I love you and I want you to take care of yourself.”

Many things offer up myths and legends. There are many myths and legends pertaining to flowers because of their beauty and alluring scent. September’s birth flower has a legend of its own, which has its roots in Roman mythology. Belides was a nymph who over saw all the meadows, pastures, and forest. One day her and some other nymphs were dancing at the edge of the forest, when Vertumnus appeared. Vertumnus was the nymph who over saw all of the orchards. When his eyes first lay upon Belides he fell madly in love with her. Belides did not feel the same but Vertumnus, but he would not quiet his pursuit of her. Finally, she could not take it anymore and turned herself into an Aster to escape Vertumnus.

The September Birth Flower, the Aster comes in over 250 varieties and comes from the family known as Asteraceae. The most common type of Aster is the China aster, which is now grown and used all over the world. It is a very commonly used flower in Autumn and it is one of the few flowers in the world that is frost resistant. The Aster grows in many colors such as red, mauve, pink, lilac, and white. This Month of September Birth Flower is sometimes referred to as the September Flower and starwort. The word Aster comes from Latin meaning star.

September Birth Flower Morning Glory

Morning Glory

The Morning Glory is the other September birth month flower. These flowers are smaller than most flowers. As the name implies, Morning Glories bloom in the morning. Throughout the day different animals and bugs pollinate them. After just a couple of hours the color of the Morning Glory will start to fade and by dusk the petals will be curled. By night fall the bloom dies, but by the following morning a new bloom as taken its place. The Morning Glory signifies intelligence and awareness within a person.

The Morning Glory first originated from China. It was commonly used for medicine. In the 9th century it was brought to Japan. The Japanese few in love with it and cultivated for use in gardens and everyday use. The Aztecs, were know to use the Morning Glory for its hallucinogenic powers in rituals and ceremonies to speak to the gods. Morning Glories grow best in a tropical setting but now have been adopted to grow all over the world. Some species of the September birth flower grow as perennials and others as annuals depending on the type of climate.

Birth flowers have been given to people on their birthdays for generations. Both of the month of September’s birth flowers the Aster and the Morning Glory would make great gifts for any birthday celebration. There are many different types of birthday traditions that are common place and usual. The giving of the birth flower is not a new tradition, but one that is not often practiced in this day and age. So why not start this tradition among your friends and family? They also make great gifts for births and weddings.

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