October Birth Flower

October blows in with the chilly air. A drive through the country to see the leaves changing color makes for a great Sunday Afternoon. Pumpkins, apple pie, and spices remind us all of October. Halloween rolls around at the end of the month, sending shivers up and down our spines with ghost and zombies. October is a great month to be born in. A person born in this month usually has the zodiac sign Libra. Libras are said to be captivating, happy, observant, intuitive, and civilized. The birthstone for October is the opal. Most people have a pretty clear understanding of their zodiac sign and their birthstones, but the birth flower is left more to the imagination. If a person is born in this month they have the October birth flower Marigold.

History of Birth Flowers

Birthday parties and birth flowers are not a new concept. Both have their roots in ancient Rome. When a person had a birthday, a celebration would be thrown. Friends, family, and neighbors would all attend. These guests would bring gifts for the birthday person containing jewelry and flower bouquets. Most times the jewelry would be made of the birthstone and the flower arrangements would contain the birth flower.

Marigold Octobers Birth Flower


Most flowers are said to have a hidden meaning. Each month’s birth flower is said to reflect the personality of a person born in that month. The Month of October’s birth flower, the Marigold is said to reflect compassion and heartache. People during the Victorian era were expected never to express emotion to each other. So, the tradition was started of giving a person flowers to show how one felt. Most flowers have their own secret meaning. A person who gives someone a Marigold is saying, “My heart and thoughts are with you in your time of need.”

So many different things in this world are surrounded with myths and legends, the October Birth Flower is no different. The myth of the Marigold stems from Greek Mythology. Many women were said to fall madly in love with the god of music Apollo. He had a certain charisma that women just could not exist. A young woman by the name of Calthia laid eyes on Apollo and immediately fell in love. She spent all her time staring at the sun with hopes of seeing Apollo again. Apollo was never to return for Calthia and because she continued to stare at the sun she was turned into a Marigold.

The October birth month flower is also known as the Calendula. Marigolds grow naturally in the United States, Europe, and Western Asia. The Marigold belongs to the Daisy family and depending on the species can either be a perennial or an annual. There are about 20 different spices and depending on the spices can either be considered a perennial or an annual. They can grow to be about a foot high and are usually colored yellow or orange. Many people add Marigolds to food, they work great to help spice up a dish and Marigolds also make a good cleaning solution. They start growing in the summer and grow well into autumn.

Birth Flowers make awesome birthday gifts. The tradition of the birth flower is not a new one, but has been around for hundreds of years. Still, many people in this day and age are unaware of what a birth flower is. Start your own tradition and give your friends and family birth flower arrangements for their special days. The October birth flower the Marigold, is a beautiful flower that can help to make any birthday celebration perfect. Birth flowers also make fantastic gifts for births and weddings.

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