November Birth Flower

November usually starts with a blast of cold air. Many people find themselves turning up the heat or starting up their fire places. November is also the month to give thanks for all the wonderful things you are blessed with. Thanksgiving takes place at the end of this month. Each year many people are born in the month of November. People who have birthdays in this month usually fall under the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio’s are said to be driven, passionate, focused, intricate, and charming. The birthstone for November is the topaz. All kinds of information can be found on zodiac signs and birthstones, but information on birth month flowers is harder to find. A person born in November have the birth month flower Chrysanthemum.

Birth Flower History

The concept behind the birth flower is not a new one. Birthday parties and birth flowers find their origins in ancient Roman times. When a birthday would take place, relatives, friends, and neighbors would gather together for food, wine, and fun. This is how the birthday party was started. At these celebrations people would bring gifts consisting of lavish jewelry and flowers. The jewelry was often times made up of the birthstone and the flower arrangements were made from the birth flowers.

Chrysanthemum October Birth Flower

Each birth flower has its own special meaning describing the person that is born in that month. A person with a Chrysanthemum as their Birth Flower is said to be a happy, loving, compassionate person. Throughout the ages cultures have changed dramatically. During the Victorian Era it was considered improper behavior to show feelings and emotions to another person, this is how the tradition of giving flowers to express how a person felt was first created. When a person gives another person a Chrysanthemum they are saying, “You have been a great friend to me.”

October Birth Flower Legend

Myths and Legends surround almost everything, helping to give things a sense of mystery and fun. The Chrysanthemum has its own legend stemming from Japan. One day many young men and women set out on a search for the, “Herb of youth,” which they believed would keep them forever young. The plan was to trade a basket of Chrysanthemums for this herb. While they were sailing along, their ship wrecked on an uninhabited island, the young men and women decided to plant the Chrysanthemums. That island was Japan and that is how Chrysanthemums were first introduced to Japan.

The Month of November birth flower comes in a wide array of colors including yellow, white, orange, mauve, red, and pink. Many people are more familiar with the Chrysanthemum’s nickname, Mum. The Mum is one of the oldest known cultivated flowers. It comes from the daisy family and is a perennial plant. It is believed that there are about 30 different varieties of the Chrysanthemum. It is believed that Mums were first grown in China about 15th century BC. Since, then they have been taken to and grown in many different places. In Asia they are sometimes used for tea and in some cases are used to treat different medical issues. Throughout Europe the Mum is used to signify death and is often worn to funerals.

Giving Birth Flowers As Gifts

The October Birth Flower dates back thousands of years. The tradition of giving birth flowers for people’s birthdays is not a new idea, even though it is uncommon today. Help bring the tradition of the birth flower back by giving them as gifts at birthday celebrations to your family and friends. Anyone would love receiving the Month of October Birth Flower as a present. Mums also make great gifts for births and weddings.

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