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The month of May is a wonderful month. The world seems to go through a rebirth and comes back to life. Many different types of plants and flowers bloom. Animals come out of hibernation and the birds return singing their lovely songs. At the end of May, Memorial Day takes place, honoring all the men and women who died protecting this great country. If you were lucky enough to be born in May, your zodiac sign is more than likely Taurus. The Taurus personality is often times very affectionate, a real go getter, dependable, patient, and practical. The birthstone for the month of May is the emerald. Many people are very familiar with zodiac signs and birthstones, but often times birth flowers go unnoticed. The May birth flower is the beautiful Lily of the Valley.

The idea of birthday celebrations is not a new idea. The first birthday parties were said to take place in ancient Roman. When a person arrived at a birthday celebration they were expected to bring gifts of jewelry and flowers. The jewelry generally contained the birthstone and flower arrangements were made up of the birth flowers. The flower arrangements for May would be filled with the birth flowers lilies of the valley.

Lily of the Valley

Lilly of the Valley

The Month of May Birth Flower is represented by the Lily of the Valley. Birth flowers are said to embody the people who are born in that month. The Lily of the Valley personality traits are beauty, refinement, kindness, and humility. During the Victorian era emotion was not to be expressed. So people gave different flowers to each other to show how they felt. To give a person a Lily of the Valley is to say you complete me.

Why is Lily of the Valley May’s Birth Flower?

Myths and legends surround many things and May’s iirth flower is no exceptions. A legend that takes place in France has Lilies of the Valley in it. A man named Saint Lenard loved God and nature so much, he wanted to go live alone in the wilderness with God as his only friend. So he asked God if he could come live alone with him in the wilderness and God said yes. Saint Lenard took off on his own and left the modern world behind. After many days and nights of travel through rough terrain, he finally came upon the perfect spot. He believed he was alone but failed to realize that a dragon named Temptation dwelled nearby. Saint Lenard was lost deep in prayer when the dragon came up behind him and demanded that he leave the woods, but Saint Lenard did not hear the dragon. The dragon thought that Lenard refused to listen, so he burnt down his home. The two took to battling. Lenard managed to push the dragon out of the woods. The legend states that every time the dragon was hurt weeds would grow when his blood hit the ground and every time Saint Lenard was hurt his blood would turn to Lilies of the Valley.

What is a Lilly of the Valley Flower

The May birth flower Lily of the Valley is native to Europe, but has been cultivated and now is grown all over the world. Lilies of the valley only grow in white. The flower is in the shape of a bell and is commonly used in wedding flower arrangements. It is also used in wedding bouquets because of it’s sweet alluring scent. Lilies of the Valley grow great in direct sunlight or in shade. Many people used then for complete ground cover. Throughout the years this lily has been used in medicine. It has been used to help combat poison and recently has been used to treat epilepsy and heart issues. Many people prefer Lilies of the Valley to many other types of lilies.

The May birth flower is all around a magnificent flower. People have used birth flowers for generations to help in birthday celebrations. They also make great gifts to celebrate a birth or as a wedding gift. Giving birth month flowers to your friends and family on their birthdays is a fantastic way to start a new tradition. Tradition can be hard to come by in this day and age, so make your own. May birth month flowers are a great place to start.

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