March Birth Flower

March is sometimes considered the month of hope, because spring begins within this month. The term, “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” is often used to describe March. When March starts winter is still roaring, by the time it ends, the weather is calm and spring is taking hold. Some years Easter falls in March and others in April. A person who is born in March often times will have the zodiac sign Pisces. A Pisces tends to be a creative, giving, open-minded, sensitive and romantic type of person. There birth stone for March is the aquamarine. Lesser known to many people is the birth flower. Each month has its own and the March birth flower is the Jonquil or the Daffodil.

History Of the Birth Month Flower

Even thought the birth flower is not as well know as the zodiac sign or the birthstone, it has still been used throughout history. Rumor has it that the Romans would use the birth flower in birthday celebrations. People would shower birthday gifts of flowers and jewelry upon the birthday person. The jewelry would be made of the birthstone and many of the flowers were the birth flower.

Jonquil March’s Birth Flower


Jonquil’s are most commonly known as Daffodils. March’s birth flower, the Jonquil is said to represent the personality of people born in march. People with the birth flower the Jonquil are said to value friendship and create lots of domestic happiness. Almost all flowers have a meaning when given to another person. The Jonquil got its meaning during the Victorian period in history. When a person gives a Daffodil to another they are stating that the other person is an angel to them. Giving a Daffodil also can mean sympathy or desire.

Many Greek myths and legends stem from flowers. The Jonquil is no exception. Pluto king of the underworld kidnapped Proserpina while she gathered Lilies on a beautiful spring day. Pluto decided to take Proserpina to the underworld. As he carried her off, she dropped the Lilies. The Lilies sensed Proserpina’s sadness. When they hit the ground they turned to Daffodils, hanging their heads at the loss of Proserpina. This Legend gives the birth flower of March much meaning.

The first public gardens of England were also started because of Jonquils. Queen Anne was in love with Daffodils. She used them in everyday life as much as possible. She often used them in her sewing and needlework. She loved Jonquils so much she decided to open the public gardens of England to showcase her magnificent Jonquils.

Daffodils March Birth Flower

Daffodils are part of the family of flowers know as the narcissus. They are some of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring. Most daffodils grow from bulbs and are considered perennials. Their colors can differ between yellow, orange, pink, and white or variations of these colors. This March birth flower is most commonly the yellow Daffodil. They often times offer a very sweet fragrance. The Daffodil originated from the Mediterranean but because it is so easily cultivated, it now appears in gardens all over the world. The Daffodil can grow relatively large, sometimes growing over 2 feet. Many times they can be seen growing in large clusters covering huge areas of land. Many people love these spring flowers because they grow so early in the spring really brighten up a landscape.

Every month has at least one birth flower and March happens to be the Daffodil. The Daffodil is a lovely way to welcome in spring. They are bright and colorful bringing life to a dismal time of year. Birth flowers are a great way to celebrate and make a person’s birthday special. If you know someone with a March Birthday, bring them a Jonquil commonly known as a Daffodil and explain the unique meaning of the March birth flower. These flowers are great way to brighten up anyone’s birthday.

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