June Birth Flower

The month of June gives us all the feeling that summer is on the way. June nights can seem a little chilly but the days are warm and sunny. Nature is buzzing with liveliness. The beginning of June marks father’s day and June 21st kicks off summer. The children leave school behind for a few months and take to the streets. June is a great month to be alive and born in. The June zodiac sign is Gemini. People who are Gemini are believed to be smart, inquisitive, talkative, adaptable, and lively. The birthstone for this month is the pearl. Most people are well aware of their Zodiac signs and birthstones, but many people don’t even know that they have a birth flower. If you were born in June your birth flower is the Rose.

The birth flower is not a new concept. Birth flowers stem all the way back to Ancient Roman Times along with birthday parties. Large birthday parties would be thrown for the birthday person. Guest would bring presents of jewelry and flowers. The jewelry was said to mainly be made of the birthstone and the flowers bouquets made of the birth flowers.


History Of The June Birth Flower


All flowers are said to have their own specific meaning. People who have the June Birth Month Flower the rose, are said to be very passionate people and full of love. During the Victorian period emotion was a thing people were not to express, so instead of expressing emotion people would give flowers to show how they felt for each other. Different color roses mean many different things. To give a person a red rose is to say that you love that person. A white rose means that a person is sent from heaven or that they are worthy of the other person’s love. Pink asks a person to always stay by their side. Yellow says that a person is not worthy of another person’s love. An orange rose tells of a secret love. The red and white rose means two people cannot be parted.

The rose June’s birth flower comes with its own legend. This legend is said to stem from Roman Times. There was a woman named Rondanthe, she was said to be extremely beautiful, because of her extreme beauty many men wanted to marry her. Rondanthe didn’t want to marry any of these men so she fled. She arrived at the Temple of Diana and asked Diana if she could please stay. She was granted permission but all the men that she left behind soon followed. The Temple of Diana was destroyed by all Rondanthe’s courters. Diana was infuriated and as revenge turned Rondanthe into a beautiful rose and all her courters became the thorns.

Roses From Around The World


June’s birth flower the rose is grown and loved all over the world. There are many different types of roses and they come in many different colors. They are capable of growing in many diverse climates. Over 100 different species of the rose grows wildly all over the world. Some nicknames for the rose are the gillyflower and clove pink. The Rose is the national flower of England and New York, Iowa, Georgia, and North Dakota all claim the rose as their state flower. Every year a Rose Festival is held in Portland, Oregon. Portland has been named the City of Roses.

The June birth month flower is loved all over the world. Roses are the flower of love and each color has its very own meaning. Birth flowers are great way to show family and friends how much they mean to you. Many people are unaware of birth flowers. They can be a wonderful way to start a new tradition. Each month has its very own birth flower and they make any birthday celebration worthwhile. They also make great presents for births and weddings.

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