July Birth Flower

July starts the dog days of summer. Days become longer and nights become shorter. People take to their porches and backyards for cookouts. Children can be heard screaming and laughing well into the evening. America was also born on the 4th of July. People born in July most often fall under the zodiac sign Cancer. People who are cancers are said to be creative, compassionate, calm, and emotional. Their birth stone is the ruby. Zodiac signs and birthstones are very commonplace, but birth month flowers are not. Are you now asking yourself, “What is July’s birth flower?” The Answer Larkspur is the birth flower for July.

Birth flowers have been given as bouquets on birthdays for ages. This tradition started out with the Romans. During Roman times large birthday celebrations would be held honoring people’s birthdays. The guest would often bring lavish and decorative gifts of jewelry containing the birthstone and flower bouquets made up of the birth flowers.

Larkspur July Birth Flower


The July birth Flower is said to have hidden meaning. People who have the Larkspur as their birth flower are said to be full of lightness, bubbly, wear their heart on their sleeve, and passionate. People during the Victorian era thought that emotions were frivolous and were not to be expressed. So instead of expressing emotion people would give flowers to show how they felt. Different colored flowers usually had separate meanings. Pink Larkspur was given to represent impulsiveness. White was an expression of pure joy. Giving purple larkspur meant a person thought another person was very sweet.

Most flowers come with their own legends. The larkspur legend stems from Greek mythology. While the Battle of Troy was taking place, Achilles’ mother decided to give his armor to the warrior who showed the most courage within the face of battle. The warrior that was picked to receive Achilles’ armor was Ulysses. Ajax believed himself to be the bravest warrior, when he was not chosen to receive the armor, he was devastated. He was so destroyed by not receiving the armor that he could not find the strength to continue on and committed suicide. As he laid on the ground dying larkspurs began to bloom from the drops of his blood on the ground.

History of July’s Birth Flower

The July birth month flower can be found growing all over the world. There are over 200 different species of this flower. It comes in a variety of colors including red, pink, white, blue, and orange. Orange Larkspur is very rare and few people have ever seen it. The Larkspur is a perennial and comes from the family of plants know as the Ranunculaceae. It also goes by the name lark’s heal, lark’s claw, and knight’s spur. This flower begins to bloom at the end of spring and continue to bloom until late summer. It has been known to grow over 2 ft tall. Many people decide to grow larkspur in their gardens because how easy it is to grow. Larkspur should be kept away from animals, because if ingested it can be deadly. The July Birth Flower is a very popular flower.

Even though birth flowers seem to be unknown in this day and age, the concept of them has been around for many generations. The July Birth Month Flower is magnificent and some species are extremely rare. If a family members or friend’s birthday is coming up and you have been searching for a gift with great meaning, giving a bouquet of birth flowers is your best choice. Starting a new tradition with birth flowers can make many people happy for years to come. They also make great gifts for births and weddings.

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