February Birth Flower

In most places, the month of February takes place in the heart of winter. It seems cold and bleak, making spring feel like a million miles away. Valentines Day takes place in the middle of February, giving lovers the chance to express their feelings for each other. Most people who are born in February fall under the zodiac sign, Aquarius. They tend to be people who are self-reliant, captivating, creative, inspiring, and dynamic. The February birthstone is the Amethyst. Most people know about their birthstone, but don’t know that there is also a February birth flower?

The idea of the birth flower is not a new idea. The birth flower dates back to ancient Roman times, along with the birthday party. The Roman’s would throw huge birthday celebrations for people and the guest would come bearing gifts of jewelry containing the birthstone and flowers consisting of the person’s birth flower. The month of February has two different types of birth flowers. The violet and the iris.

Month of February Birth Flower Violet


People born in February have the Birth Flower the Violet. The Violet is said to represent modesty, devotion, and reservation. Many flowers are said to have hidden messages, depending on their color. If a person gives another person a purple Violet, they are saying they will always be true. The gift of a white or a cream Violet means, let’s give this relationship a try.

Story Of the Violet Birth Flower

Many flowers come with their own legends, the Violet is no exception. The legend that surrounds the Violet, steams from Greek mythology. Zeus was in love with a nymph named Lo. Hera his wife was suspicious and jealous. To keep Lo from Hera, he turned Lo into a cow. As a cow Lo had no choice but to eat the plain dry grass. This made her very sad and she began to cry. Distraught by the tears of his love, he decided to turn her tears into flowers that were editable. The Violet was created.

February birth flower the violet is mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere. They grow best in moist shaded areas. There are over 400 different variations of the Violet throughout the world. They start to bloom at the end of February and continue to bloom until April. The most common Violet is Dog Violet, which usually lacks scent. Some Violets offer a very alluring distinctive scent. There are many colors of Violets including blue, purple, yellow, white, cream, and some come with color combos.

Iris Month of February Birth Flower


The other February birth month flower is the Iris. The personality traits of people who have this birth flower are said to be calm, friendly, faithful, hopeful, and enlighten. Some colors of Irises can stand for different things. A dark blue Iris or a purple Iris often times exemplifies royalty. A yellow Iris can be given to a person to represent courage and admiration.

The iris speaks of spring. It tends to start blooming at the end of February and continues to grow well into spring. There are hundreds of different types of Iris that grow throughout the world. They can be found in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Climate is not extremely important to the growth of the Iris. They are capable of growing in cold, dry, wet, and grassy climates. In Latin the word Iris stands for rainbow, which makes sense because of the many different colors Irises can grow in. The Birth Month Flower Of February the iris is a very versatile plant.

Every month of the year has its very own birth month flower and in most cases two. The violet and the Iris represent February. Both flowers are very beautiful and can grow in almost any type of climate. Few people know that birth flowers even exist. They can be a lot of fun and help make birthday celebrations even more exciting and interesting. If you have a February birthday party to go to take either a Violet or Iris maybe even a bouquet with both of the beautiful February birth flowers.

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