December Birth Flower

December ultimately reminds us all of the holidays. It’s a time to come together with family, friends, and love ones to share in good cheer. It’s a time of giving. In many places the first snow will fall in December. The last day in of December people will gather together and say good bye to the old year and bring in the new. People born in December have the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius are said to be funny, giving, kind, merciful, and dynamic. The birthstone for this month is the turquoise. Zodiac signs and birthstones are pretty common knowledge to people. What is not common knowledge to most is the birth flower. People who are born in December have the birth flower Narcissus.

The History Of Birth Flowers

The concept of the birth flower is not a new one. It dates back to ancient Roman times along with birthday parties. A birthday celebration would be thrown for a person. Family, friends, and neighbors would attend bring lavish gifts of jewelry and flowers. The jewelry would consist of the birthstone and the flower bouquets would contain the birth flower.

December’s Birth Flower Narcissus


All flowers are said to have their very own secret meaning. It is believed that the birth flower’s meaning represents certain personality traits of the person born in that month. A person with a December birth flower is said to be faithful, respectful, and modest. During the Victorian era emotion was not to be expressed to other people. This is how the tradition of giving flowers to show how one felt towards another started. To give a person a Narcissus is to say, “You are the only person for me.”

Legend of the December Birth Flower

Many myths and legends surround birth flowers. The month of December’s birth flower, the Narcissus has its very own myth, that comes from Greek mythology. Narcissus was a very handsome young man, but the only thing he ever cared about was his looks. He would spend hours on end looking into a pool of water at his own reflection. One Day a mountain nymph named Echo, meet Narcissus and fell completely in love with him. Narcissus wanted nothing to do with Echo and she was crushed. Echo’s voice left her and ran off into the mountains and to this day is still there to mock other people’s voices. The Gods were very angry at Narcissus egotism and to take revenge for Echo, the Gods turned Narcissus into a flower that just sits and nods at the water.

The December birth flower, the Narcissus can be white, yellow, or orange. It is often referred to as the paperweight and is a close cousin of the Daffodil. The Narcissus offers up a very strong sweet smell, which makes this flower very popular. Many people like to give them as Christmas presents. The Narcissus is a native of the Mediterranean area but also has been known to grow on its own in central Asia and China.

Month of December Birth Flower Gifts

The concept of the birth flower is not a new one and has been around for generations. Many people today are unaware of the meaning of the birth flower. The December Birth Month Flower makes a great gift for anyone with a birthday in December. Start up your own tradition among your family and friends, by giving them bouquets of their birth flowers on their birthdays. Most flowers have hidden meanings and myths. Understanding them and being able to explain them is a great treat for everyone. Birth flowers such as the Narcissus, also make great gifts for births and weddings.

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