August Birth Flower

The lazy hazy days of summer is the best way to describe August. The days and nights are hot and it’s everyone’s last chance to take that summer vacation before the kids head back to school. The zodiac sign for people born in August is Leo. People who are Leos tend to be honest, giving, compassionate, driven, and passionate. The birthstone for August is the peridot. Zodiac signs and birthstones are fairly common but birth flowers are less known. The August birth flower is not just one flower but two. The Gladiolus and the Poppy are both birth flowers for the month of August.

The concept of the birth flower is not new. This tradition stems from Ancient Roman times. Birthday parties also have their roots in the Roman era. Large birthday celebrations would be thrown for the birthday person. Guest would bring lavish jewelry filled with the birthstone and flower arrangements made up of the birth flower.

Gladiolus August’s Birth Month Flower


Each month’s birth flower is said to stand for the personality traits of the person born in that month. People who are born in August with the birth Flower of the Gladiolus are said to be very sincere and are strong people. During the Victorian era showing emotion to others was frowned on. The language of flowers was developed. A person would show another person how they felt about them by presenting them with flowers. All flowers had their very own meanings. The Gladiolus stood for love at first sight.

Most flowers come with their own myths and legends. The Gladiolus legend comes from Roman. When the Romans were fighting the Thracians, they managed to capture a few of their warriors. The captures warriors were turned into gladiators. The commander decided that two friends Sevt and Terres would fight each other. Whichever friend won the fight would marry his beautiful daughter. When Sevt and Terres were put in the ring together, they put their swords in the ground and refused to fight. The crowd went crazy with anger. Sevt and Terres were put to death on the spot. As the bodies of Sevt and Terres hit the ground a Gladiolus grow out of the handle of each sword.

The Gladiolus is named after the gladiator because of their long stalks that look like swords. There are over 250 species of Gladiolus. It is native to South Africa, Asia and tropical areas but are now grown all over the world. The month of August birth flower comes in many different colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, and orange. It is also commonly referred to as the sword lily. Certain varieties of this flower can grow quite large while others are very small.

August Birth Flower the Poppy


The Poppy is also considered the birth flower for August. The Poppy stands for creativeness, pleasure, and success. In most places the Poppy is considered a weed. Many different types of Poppies grow all over the world. The Poppy comes from the family of Papaveraceae. They are shorter flowers and can be grown for decoration and for opium. Poppies are also edible. The state flower of California is the Poppy. In many places the poppy is worn to commemorate fallen war heroes.

August Birth Flowers make great gifts. Many people are unaware of the concept behind birth flowers. Start your own tradition among your family and friends and give birth flowers. They make fabulous birthday gifts, but they are also good presents for births and weddings. The Gladiolus and the Poppy are both beautiful and have very unique meanings. If you have an occasion in August that calls for a gift, a birth flower is a excellent choice.

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