April Birth Flower

April showers brings May flowers, is a popular children’s nursery song that describes April fairly well. In most places rain is very common in April and may bring many inches of rain. All the rain helps to create the beautiful landscape that often takes place in May. Sometimes Easter falls in April. Many people who are born in April tend to have the zodiac sign, Aries. People who are Aries tend to be very loyal, courageous, sure of themselves, romantic, and adventurous. The birthstone for this month is the diamond. Many people throughout the world are familiar with the birthstone, but the birth flower seems to go unknown. April’s birth month flower is the Sweet Pea and the Daisy.

Birthdays have been celebrated through the ages. Many believe that birthday celebrations come from the Roman era. Large parties would be thrown for the birthday person and the guests would bring lavish gifts consisting of jewelry and flowers. Much of the jewelry would contain the birthstone and the bouquets of flowers would hold the birth flowers.

April’s Birth Flower Sweet Pea


One of April’s birth month flowers is the Sweet Pea. The Sweet Pea stands for happiness, blissfulness, and is used to say goodbye. During the Victorian age emotion was not to be expressed so instead of people expressing how they felt they would give flowers to express how their feelings. Giving a person Sweet Peas, is a way to thank a person for a really great time.

Many myths and legends surround flowers. The Sweet Pea comes with its very own superstition. In Ireland it is believed if you plant the Sweet Pea before sunrise on St. Paddy’s day, your Sweet Pea will grow to be a lot larger than other Sweet Peas and be a lot more fragrant. This superstition also holds for Sweet Pea’s that are planted between March 1 and March 20.

April’s birth flower, the Sweet Pea grows in many different colors, which are mainly pastel colors. It came from Italy in the 17th century, but can be easily grown and is grown all over the world. They are annuals so they only last one season. Many people use them on trellises and such because they are a climbing plant. They are called Sweet Peas, because of their very sweet scent. Even though it is called a pea, this plant is not edible and can be very harmful if ingested.

April’s Birth Flower Daisy


The other flower that represents the month of April is the daisy. This birth month flower represents innocence, certainty, and modesty. Many people give the Daisy to wish good fortune, happiness, and pleasure. It is believed that a nymph wanted to be left alone, so she turned herself into a Daisy.

The Gerbera Daisy is the most common type of daisy. They tend to grow to be very large and brightly colored. In nature they tend to come in an array of colors of red, pink, blue, and white. They have been hybrid into many other colors over the years. They belongs to the perennial family. They originated from South Africa and that’s why they are often nick named the African Daisy, but they are grown all over the world. Their bold beautiful colors make them very popular in bouquets. There are many other types of Daisies but the Gerbera Daisy is by far the fan favorite.

April Birth Month Flowers As Gifts

The April birth month flowers, Snow Pea and the Daisy are both very different flowers. The Snow Pea is small, pastel in color and grows on vines, where is the Daisy if large, comes in very bold colors, and is often times used in flower arrangements. Start a tradition among your family and friends and give birth flowers. Giving Snow Peas and Daisies as the month of April’s birth flower is a great way to spice up any birthday celebration.

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